Single Vision this lens is used for one distance only. It can be a pair for reading, computer, or distance. It is available in all materials and can have other lens treatments added.

Lined-Bifocals – this lens is used for both distance and up close viewing. There is a visible line segment through the lens separating the two powers.

Lined-Trifocals – this lens is used for distance, intermediate, and up close viewing. There are two lined segments separating the three powers.

No-Line Bifocals/Progressive – this lens offers three powers with no distinct separation in powers like the lined bifocal. The top portion is for distance, slightly lower there is an intermediate power, and slightly below that there is a power for up close viewing.

Computer/Music/Craft – this lens is used for intermediate and up close viewing. This is ideal for those who work on the computer or with music or small print. Also, it is good for working up close with crafts or sewing.

Sports – this lens is used for sports and recreation glasses. These lenses come in a variety of colors, styles, and designs to enhance safety and comfort including light weight and impact resistant material.

 Lens materials
Plastic – plastic lenses are the most basic and commonly used lens material. It is safer and much lighter than glass lenses previously used.

Polycarbonate – polycarbonate lenses are about 33% thinner and lighter then plastic. They come standard with a scratch resistant and UV protective coating. It is impact resistant, therefore the safest material. This material is recommended for all children under 18.

High Index – high index lenses offer a thinner and lighter lens for higher prescriptions. It gives clearer vision than standard lenses and can greatly reduce thick lenses.

Trivex Material – originally created for the military, this material is shatter resistant and offers excellent visual clarity. Material is most often matched with drilled, rimless frames.

 Lens coatings
Scratch-Resistant Coating this coating offers a layer of protection over a lens. It is recommended to protect lenses from daily wear and tear, extending the life of the lenses.

imageTransition transition lenses are one option for sun protection. These lenses are completely clear indoors and darken to a normal sunglass tint outdoors. They are activated by the UV rays therefore they do not get as dark in the car as they do directly outside because there is UV protection in windshields. They offer both UVA and UVB protection.

Anti-Reflective Coating we offer the premium “AR” coatings Teflon and Crizal. These coating help give clearer vision during night driving and computer usage. It also has takes the reflections off of the lenses, making them look very crisp and clear.

Polarized Sunglass polarized lenses offer the best sunglass protection. These lenses are dark all the time and help reduce glare. They also come with UV coating.

We carry about 1,100 frames, varying in shapes, styles, sizes and colors.

imageOur name-brand frames include:

Harley Davidson
Dana Buchman
Liberty Sport
Maui Jim
Eddie Bauer
 Contact Lenses
imageWe offer many contact lens brands including: Bausch & Lomb, Ciba, Cooper Vision, and Vistakon. Daily lenses, toric lenses, and multifocal lenses are a few of our available fitting options.

Some contacts are available in stock. Most contacts are available
3-5 business days from when the order in placed.

Eyeglass chains, eyeglass cases, contact lens cases, repair kits
and cleaners are a few of the accessories we have at our location.